I am a nineteen-year-old college student with an immense passion for all things involving the English language. I love grammar, literature, and above all, I love to write! I have been writing for truly as long as I can remember, with countless filled notebooks as evidence.

Currently, I am a freshman double major at Saint Louis University in Marketing and English Literature. At the moment, I am hoping to someday go to grad school for a Masters in Publishing and then work in that particular industry. I have an unusual obsession with editing, so much so that I’ll often go back through my blog posts and edit them, simply because nothing ever seems good enough.

On this blog, I am hoping to test out many different genres and styles of writing. I tend to like writing personal narratives, but I want to start trying new styles. To be completely candid, I will probably never post regularly on this blog, but there is something about its existence that inspires me to write more often.

Sit back, read a few posts, and enjoy!